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Significant update to the provisions of “The Management of Safety and Health Issues at Work Regulations of 2021” – TRAINING REQUIREMENTS

According to the provisions of “The Management of Safety and Health Issues at Work Regulations of 2021” (R.A.A.158/2021), the obligation has been imposed to designate and train the following individuals, who will be responsible for the Internal Protection and Prevention Service (IPPS) in each organization:

• Health and Safety Manager

• Deputy Health and Safety Officer

• First Aid Officer

• Fire Safety and Evacuation Officer

• Safety Committee Chairman

Furthermore, the same regulations specify the following requirements:

  1. Safety Committees: In cases where the number of employees exceeds 10, the employer must establish a Safety Committee. This committee must meet at least twice (2) annually.
  2. Training of IPPS Responsible Personnel: The employer must provide training of at least 35 hours to the IPPS (Internal Protection and Prevention Services). The training should cover specific units required by the Labor Inspection Department for their minimum training, related to protection and prevention activities.
  3. Training of Safety Committee Members: Each member of the Safety Committee must undergo training of at least 6 hours. This training will equip the members with the necessary knowledge for the safe and effective performance of their duties.
  4. First Aid Certification: The First Aid Officer must receive appropriate training and certification in first aid, enabling them to effectively handle possible emergency situations that may arise in the workplace.

Through the implementation of the above obligations, the safety and health of all employees in the workplace are significantly ensured.

Taking into consideration these requirements, our company undertakes the conduction of structured training programs, supporting compliance with the specifications and the education of the necessary personnel, in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment within the enterprise.