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STIRIXIS combines its other services with the preparation of business plans and feasibility studies. Our team has gained experience in preparing these for customers, with the aim of securing business loans through Financial Institutions, as well as in preparing plans to obtain EU funding, since many programs require the preparation of business plans and techno-economic studies. STIRIXIS undertakes the preparation of effective business plans which include the narrative description of the business or idea as well as the financial forecasts.

In today’s highly competitive environment it is crucial to nurture and maintain a culture of continuous improvement of processes. DMAIC is a structured approach to process improvement based on LEAN 6σ.

DMAIC results in efficient processes through workshops that engage all stakeholders and is applicable to existing processes.

Six Sigma,also known as 6σ, is a set of techniques and tools for improving processes.

By identifying and removing causes of defects and minimizing changeable factors in manufacturing and business processes, Six Sigma improves quality.

It uses a set of empirical and statistical quality management methods to and creates a special infrastructure for people within the organization. Each Six Sigma project carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has specific value targets, for example: reduce process cycle time, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

Why Six Sigma?
A highly-disciplined approach enabling companies to focus on creating and delivering nearly-perfect products and services.

Mystery Shopping is used for the conduct of targeted research, aiming at identifying the areas in need of improvement in any retail organization, with regards to customer service.

This method evaluates and records the required information relevant to employee performance and training level, customer experience and the real-time image of the business as perceived by the customers. Such research is conducted through on-site visits to the targeted shops, through calls to customer service centers as well as through the submission of requests to websites to determine the response time.

Through this methodology, a business can:

  • Gain necessary insights to build a comprehensive range of reports, tailored to the business’ needs.
  • Assess the level of service received by its customers in walk-in, call-in or sign-in cases.
  • Identify areas requiring improvement.
  • Provide a basis for the assessment and motivation of frontline staff.
  • View scoring, statistics or service reports, monitor and rate service quality and identify areas of improvement.
  • Add files, such as photos, video and audio recordings to enhance the results.
  • Login and access reports virtually from any location, from tablets or smartphones.
  • Receive Email or SMS notifications regarding visits once they are completed, as well as for other notifications at set intervals.
  • Data export in formats, such as Excel, SPSS and PDF.

The Investors in People Standard is an international framework of good practice in the area of human resource management and development, which is implemented for the last 25 years, in over 14,000 organizations across 75 countries worldwide. The Standard supports organisations with providing the framework for leading, supporting and managing people well for sustainable business results. It focuses on outcomes rather than processes, assessing the effectiveness of the existing HR systems and practices. The Investors in People can be implemented in any organisation; regardless size, sector or structure. Organizations that have been successfully accredited with the Investors in People Standard are considered as ‘employers of choice’.

We can help you with working towards the IiP Standard accreditation, by evaluating your people practices against the Standards requirements, finding gaps and opportunities and working towards meeting them, whereas at the same time enabling alignment with your business’s objectives. We use a rigorous methodology for helping organisations’ develop their HR practices and we capitalize on our relevant experience and knowledge of the industry to add value to your business.