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Funding Consulting

The use of available governmental and EU funds, is an important way to achieve the development of businesses. In this context, Stirixis provides its clients with services for the preparation of proposals and the management of acquired funds.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of applications and proposals
  • Carrying out techno-economic and sustainability studies
  • Completion of the application with all required information (statutes, financial statements, certificates, cost offers)
  • Applications’ submission to the responsible program / project body
  • Support for the gathering of additional data and supporting documents
  • Preparation of interim and final progress reports.

STIRIXIS provides the above services for the following national, co-financed and European programmes:

STIRIXIS, with the aim of providing integrated services in the area of identifying and using available funding opportunities, provides services for proposal preparation for the Erasmus + and INTERREG European Programs.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Women Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Business Innovation Scheme
  • Funding Scheme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises Scheme
  • Funding Scheme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises, located within the British Bases in Cyprus
  • Sub-Measure 4.2- Scheme for the Creation and Upgrading of Manufacturing and Trading Units of Agricultural Products
  • Funding Scheme for the encouragement of investment activity and the enhancement of competitiveness in the wine sector
  • E-commerce Scheme
  • Scheme for the promotion of Corporate Entrepreneurial Partnerships creation (Clusters)
  • Employment Schemes from the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance
  • Employment Schemes from the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus
  • Cyprus Tourist Organization (CTO) funding schemes

The company provides services for the preparation, submission and management of applications and projects funded under the Research Promotion Foundation programme, “RESTART”, which focuses on research and innovation activities. RESTART covers a wide range of opportunities, including research for existing and newly established businesses and the exploitation and commercialization of research results.