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Important update regarding the provisions of “The Management of Safety and Health Issues at Work Regulations of 2021” – SPECIAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ARCHIVE

According to the provisions of “The Management of Safety and Health Issues at Work Regulations of 2021” (R.A.A.158/2021), every employer must keep and maintain a Special Health and Safety Archive that includes:

  1. Risk Management System (RMS)

The RMS is designed to provide guidance  through recorded Procedures/Guidelines/Checklists, in accordance with the activities of the company, aiming to execute work methods with proper practices by employees, reducing or eliminating workplace accidents and improving conditions in the workspaces.

The RMS must be periodically reviewed to upgrade existing Procedures, Guidelines, and Checklists, and to create new ones, when necessary, due to changes.

It should be noted that having a Certificate from an Accredited Body according to ISO 45001:2018 standard is accepted by the Labor Inspection Department, in cases where there is NO Risk Management System.

2. Written Risk Assessment (WRA)

According to the Regulation, in addition to the Risk Management System, every company must have a WRA that has been prepared and connected to the aforementioned System. Its purpose is to identify and take appropriate preventive and protective measures in relation to the occupational hazards, that occur in the workplace, during the company’s activities.

The WRA must also be regularly reviewed (every four years) and especially when there are changes in the working methods, new equipment, or changes in legislation.

The purpose of the Special Health and Safety Archive, is to ensure the information and management of employees’ safety during their work and to comply with laws and regulations for their health and safety protection. Through our specialized training programs, we can provide support in maintaining the Special Health and Safety Archive and creating a safe and healthy environment in your business.