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National Support Programme in the Wine Sector – Investments in Winemaking Enterprises

Competent Body: Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry (MCIT).

Application Submission Dates: 18/06/2019- 19/07/2019.



  • Provision of support for tangible investments or intangible assets in processing facilities and wine-making infrastructure as well as in marketing tools.
  • Production or marketing of wine products as referred to Annex VII Part II of the EU Regulation no.1308/2013.


Eligible Applicants and Funding Amount:

  • Category A: 40% for microenterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises which belong to the SME category as defined in the Commission Recommendation of the European Communities dated 06/05/2003 and 2003/361 / E, and which employ fewer of 250 employees and their annual turnover does not exceed € 50 million or their total annual balance sheet does not exceed € 43 million.
  • Category B: 20% for businesses which are not covered by Article 2 (1) of Title I of the Recommendation, and which employ fewer than 750 employees or have an annual turnover of less than € 200 million.
  • Category C: 15% for enterprises which employ more than 750 employees or have an annual turnover of more than € 200 Euros.
  • The minimum amount of the proposed investment (eligible expenditures) per applicant is set at € 10.000 for the Category A, € 20.000 for the Category B and € 50.000 for the Category C.
  • Maximum funding amount: € 150.000.

The assessment will be based on a first come first served basis.


Eligible Expenditures:

  1. Development or improvement of buildings and infrastructure.
  2. Machinery, equipment, vehicles, furnishing and software.
  3. Transfer of expertise (Patent Acquisition, licenses).
  4. Research services such as, cost of research, payment of architects/engineers/experts.