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Grants Scheme for Small and Medium Enterprises to Promote Agritourism and Rural Development

Competent Body: Department of Town Planning and Housing

Application Submission Date: Until budget is depleted


  • Products and services of SMEs to be associated with tradition,
  • Showcase and highlight the authentic tradition of Cyprus countryside,
  • Facilities core location to be in predefined areas by the scheme, in Cyprus countryside.


  • Active and registered SMEs in Cyprus (start-ups or existing) and are owners or tenants of Listed Historical Buildings or ancient monuments in the areas covered by the Scheme

Eligible uses for sponsorship:

  • Tourist accommodations. Hotel units are excluded.,
  • Restaurants, taverns, traditional coffee shops,
  • Activities connected to nature, civilization, tradition, entertainment such as Exhibitions of traditional products, workshops of fine arts and museums / exhibition areas etc. These activities must emphasize the promotion of the authentic traditional character of Cyprus countryside.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Planning Permission and Building Permit in force on the date of filing the application,
  • The building to be declared as “Listed” by the Department of Town Planning and Housing,
  • On the article of incorporation, it should be clear that SME is associated with the field of rural tourism.

Eligible costs:

  • Construction Projects,
  • Fees for the services of architects, civil engineers or other consultant (metering, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, etc).


Funding amount:

  • 50% of eligible costs is sponsored with a provided maximum grant of €200.000 (The maximum de minimis funding any single recipient can receive is €200,000 over a three-year fiscal period).
  • The minimum eligible investment for application purposes is €120.000 / Maximum €800.000